Company Vision & Mission


To be first credible choice for our clients by providing innovative and best E2E development solutions


Externally: to exceed our clients expectations in a timely, ethically, cost-effective and value addedmanner.

Internally: to create healthy workplace and inspire our talented people to come up with innovativebusiness solutions.


Make a Difference in the Lives of Our People, Customers and CommunityHonesty and Integrity: we always do what is right, fair, and ethical.

Team Work: we encourage and reward team work.

Quality: we strive for professional excellence to the highest standards possible consistent with the goalsof the project.

Attitude: We are positive, enthusiastic, and have a vibrant spirit.

Entrepreneurial: We encourage creativity, flexibility, and innovative approaches to our work.

Leadership/Initiative: We lead by example. Our actions speak louder than words.

Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Elabiad Comp4u is committed to achieving zero harm to people and the environment.

Developing, implementing and maintaining a system for the effective management of safety, health, environment and quality.

Protecting, promoting and maintaining the health and safety of all stakeholders in its areas of operation.

Meeting agreed customer requirements, and providing necessary resources, training, standards,
equipment and support to ensure compliance with this policy.


  • Access control Manufacturer chiyu technology
  • Fire detection Securiton
  • Intrusion Securiton
  • Video Yudor technology

  • Power quality
  • Lock system
  • Integrated Solutions Infranet Technologies GmbH
  • Transmission& telemetry Infranet Technologies GmbH

Previous Work

List of some of our previous work:


Elabiad Comp4u is much concerned about development, we are committed to deliver world class E2E Construction, Operations & Maintenance and Facility Management services to our clients aid them to deliver their strategy and achieve their business goals as well.

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Scope of Work

Identification, design, Construction, monitoring and Operations Identification, design, Construction, monitoring and Operations

Scope of Application

Civil Work: Construction and Rehabilitation. Buildings. Compounds. Retail stores. Telecom sites. Telecom Switch centers. Renewable energy.

Electromechanical Work

Power: Supply, install, maintenance Light Current System: Design, supply, install, and maintenance of CCTV system. Design, supply, install, and maintenance of Access control system. Design, supply, install, and maintenance of fire alarm and fighting system. Power quality: Measuring, design, project solation, supply, install, and maintenance power saving.

Operations & Maintenance and Facility Management

Commercial and residential Buildings. Residential Compounds. Telecom sites. Telecom Switch centers. Power quality & power saving.

Employment staff

24 persons (Administration, Technician)

Lean Commitment

We focus our commitment within four distinctive areas: cost, waste, redundancy and continuity. By focusing on these four areas, we assure reducing the project costs as well as project soft costs, ultimately shortening project timelines which typically translates into lower costs for our clients.